Data Management

Companies will have all types of data ranging from Excel, CSV, and possibly SQL in addition to having it in multiple places and various formats. Having said that, it makes it virtually impossible to identify gaps and make sense of the data that could drive your organization’s competitive edge.

Our goal is for your organization to have the ability to spend more time analyzing your data and less time looking, preparing, and warehousing it.

With INNOSTRATEQ, we can help you get more value from your big data. We use state of the art technology so that you can find the data you need to run your day to day operations.

INNOSTRATEQ can help you create value with your big data. We can help your organization bring in business intelligence that allows your team to see and understand your data. We can deliver FAST ANALYTICS, EASE OF USE, SMART DASHBOARDS, and AUTOMATIC UPDATES.

Some of the critical services that we offer:


Extract, Transform, & Load (ETL)

INNOSTRATEQ can Extract your data from multiple sources, databases, applications, and systems; Transform the data that was extracted from numerous sources as based on the requirements; and Load it into the system that is targeted but not limited to data marts, analytical applications, and data warehouse that is customized based on your needs.

Our team at INNOSTRATEQ has designed and implemented numerous ETL projects. We have a keen knowledge of the latest ETL methodologies and best practices. Also, we have worked on multiple industry-leading ETL tools. Our solutions are designed and tailored to your specific needs and situation.


Data Cleansing / Preparation

Every day, organizations collect various data types from multiple sources. Businesses utilize this data to make intelligent decisions in running their day to day operations. It is critical that this is as accurate as possible. INNOSTRATEQ can assist you through our data cleansing and preparation service.

Data Warehousing

It is critical for the business to create and manage the right data structure and data warehouse. These ensure the usefulness of data for visualization. We can help you get better performance and improve your analytics by custom building a structure and warehouse that suits your business needs.

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